We are a translation company founded by Certified Spanish<>English translators graduated from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires. We are headquartered in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we provide translation and language services to clients all over the world.

Our passion is to help people from different cultures to communicate and enable companies to grow global audiences around the world.

Thanks to years of experience, we were able to connect with people and cultures all over the world. In this way, our human value and knowledge allow us to understand the thoroughness of each particular case in order to get a high quality product.

At Translation 5, we make sure that our translations transfer not only the text from one language into another, but also its meaning and purpose. We have an exhaustive review process for every translation and work.

At Translation 5, you matter no matter what.


Lucas Álvarez

María Florencia Di Grazia

Fernanda Pérez Díaz

Yasmín Pino

María Agustina Redrado


Our clients can rely on the fact that there is someone on the other side that works hard and cares for them and their needs. We have a quality review process to make sure their expectations are fully met.


One of the things we care most about is the happiness of our clients not only with our translation services, but also with our working-together experience. We are a team of expert translators that keeps improving its knowledge to provide the best customer experience.


We know bureaucracy is complex. That is why we take care of all the certification and legalization paperwork for our clients. We have different contact means so that it is easier for our clients to reach us. We offer same day quotes.


Diversity is part of who we are and is present in all aspects of life, including our culture. Diversity creates new ideas and opportunities: it is our differences that make each of us unique.


We are open seven days a week, all year round to give immediate response to our client’s questions. Clients matter, as well as their confidence: they rely on us to keep their information protected at all times.


We provide translation services in several areas such as law, accounting, financing, literature, among others. We adapt our services to your needs.

Editing & Proofreading

We edit and adapt all sorts of texts to guarantee an exceptional result. Our work is to deliver an adequate message according to your needs.


We adapt your message to different cultures by maintaining its style, purpose and context.


We provide subtitling services for different types of videos. We provide closed caption services to express audio elements and events that occur outside the screen that cannot be perceived by everyone.

Voice file and video transcriptions

We transcribe voice and video files to the required format.

Content writing

Our writing style adapts to the needs of the client and is designed for each particular audience. Our goal is to understand the readers and write for them. We guarantee authentic texts with a unique voice.

    Which payment methods do you have?

    We accept payments in cash, wire transfers, Mercado Pago and PayPal. Payments made through Mercado Pago have an additional cost.

    What are the payment conditions?

    The payment condition for all services is: 20% in advance and 80% when the job is completed.

    Do you charge any surplus for urgent requests?

    Yes, urgent requests are charged with a surplus that will be determined by the urgency of the request.

    Do you work with other languages?

    For queries about other languages, please reach out through any of our contact means.

    +54 1142424242